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Crofton Road 
This Victorian terrace in Peckham was bought by a young couple who were looking to transform it into a beautiful and practical family home. Both being tech entrepreneurs they wanted to have a contemporary and calm environment to balance their fast-paced jobs and create a simple canvas on which to allow them to showcase their extensive record and art collections.

The house was previously used as a share house and had been divided into small bedrooms and two kitchens, it was in need of a full refurbishment. They approached YAM Studios for the main design and Collective Works to oversee the planning and external detailing.

The side return extension created a larger kitchen and dining space, making it much more practical for family use. An oriel window was added to the rear elevation, creating a cosy window seat, while the courtyard adjacent to the side return allowed a light flow into the record library and office space.

Materiality between old and new was very important, the use of shou sugi ban and cladding on the side return created a strong contrast between the original brick and the new structure. To create a textural balance against the micro cement floor in the kitchen, hand-made paving stones were used for the garden patio area. The addition of light oak on kitchen joinery and structural beams created a warm and calm atmosphere, while original features in the rest of the house were restored allowing the character of the building to shine through.

Photography: Rachael Smith

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