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Our believe that enjoyable client-relationship and mutual respect is key for every successful project. The communication between us and you as well as the main contractor is very important throughout, this will allow you to achieve desired results and have an enjoyable journey during the project.

We use our extensive experience to guide you through the stages of the project so the decision making becomes an enjoyable task and you can focus on seeing your dream home taking shape as we work our way through the process. We take care of every aspect of the interior - kitchen, bathrooms, lighting, bespoke joinery as well as furniture and accessories, this helps us to create a home which is curated specifically for your needs and lifestyle.

Below is a quick summary of your journey with us:

Preliminary Stage - Discovery Meeting 

Prior to engaging with us we will visit you at your home and listen to your needs and your vision. This will allow us to establish project parameters and define a process tailored to you. We will create a proposal outlining how the project will be structured as well as a breakdown of our fixed fee. You will know upfront what we will deliver and how much we charge so there are no disappointing surprises later on.

Design Stage 

This is where we work closely with you as we form and design every element of the project. We create a concept board which helps us to define the style and build a 3D model which helps you to fully visualise your future home. Depending on project size we usually have 3-6 meetings with you during this stage where we go through designs for different rooms with the final meeting being the showroom visits where together we choose final materials and finishes.

Technical Stage 

Once we have developed designs for all rooms and chosen all finishes we start work on drawings and specifications so we can effectively communicate your decisions to the main contractors. We make sure every detail is included in the drawings from the bespoke kitchen down to door stops so the contractor can fully understand the project.

Tender & Construction Stage 

Once the design is drawn up we work closely with a quantity surveyor who guides the tender process, we are there to answer any questions the tendering contractors might have. When you have chosen the contractor they go on site and start the build. At this point the main contractor is responsible for day to day project management, but we stay throughout the build and visit the site on a regular basis for clarifications and design led solutions.

Furniture & Accessories Stage 

Depending on your needs, we also can offer a full furniture and accessories specification service. We will curate options specifically for you and guide you throughout the decision making. We can take care of the ordering and installing the furniture on your behalf adding the final finishing touches to your beautiful new home.

Handover Stage 

When contractors are finishing we inspect their work so any faults can be fixed before they leave the site. Once the contractor has left and the furniture is installed we will handover your new beautiful home so you and your family can enjoy it for many years to come.

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